J.S.Mill, 1900, paysan du Danube as unadjusted and naive character

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Principles of political economy: with some of their applications …, Volume 1
By John Stuart Mill, 1900, p. 277

“The French peasant is no simple countryman no downright peasant of the Danube both in fact and in fiction he is now the crafty peasant That is the stage which he has reached in the progressive development which the constitution of things has imposed on human intelligence and human emancipation But some excess in this direction is a small and a passing evil compared with recklessness and improvidence in the laboring classes and a cheap price to pay for the inestimable worth of the virtue of self dependence as the general characteristic of a people a virtue which is one of the first conditions of excellence in a human character the stock on which if the other virtues are not grafted they have seldom any firm root a quality indispensable in the case of a laboring class even to any tolerable degree of physical comfort and by which the peasantry of France and of most European countries of peasant proprietors are distinguished beyond any other laboring population”

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