Mineral wealth of Wallachia, Mining Magazine, VIII, 1857, p.298

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Mining Magazine, VIII, 1857, p.298

“Mineral wealth of Wallachia

Mercury abounds in the neighbourhood of Pitescti, and among other locations in the district of Gorgia. At Baia, Amina, Kraschne, &c, iron and pyrites are found. The Austrians had undertaken the working of the iron and copper and quicksilver mines when they occupied the principalities, but all is now abandoned. At Gesseni there are coal mines. At Denle and Roche very fine amber is found. There is some bad bitumen at a short distance from Bucharest, but that which has been used in the lame and impotent attempt to make decent trottoirs in the city came from the Dead Sea. Stone is scarce and bad; the sort generally met with is an agglomeration of calcareous and silicious molecules, spongy and coarse in structure, and utterly unable to resist the action of the weather. Hence the tumble-down, dilapidated appearance of all the houses in Bucharest. Chalk is abundant. The rock salt of Wallachia is magnificent, and is found in masses of immense size. Three mines are worked at preset, partly by convicts and partly by free laborers, and from these have been taken every year, time out of memory, more than 20,000,000 okas, an oka being about 2 lbs. 14 ozs, avoirdupois. The mines are monopolized by the Government, and the royalty of them annually is not less than 18,000,000 of piastres, a piastre being about 4d. English money.”

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