evil lazy peasants

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“The Bohemian peasants are miserable to the degree; their persons and all that they have, are at the command of the Lord. The poor wretches have often not a bit of bread to eat, in a country which is one of the most plentiful in Europe all sorts of provisions. They dare not go one from village to another to work, nor learn a handicraft trade without their Lord’s consent. So much subjection keeps the poor creatures always trembling and humble; so that if you do but speak to them, they are ready to lick the dust off feet. The severity with which these people are used, is really terrible; but ’tis as true on the hand, that gentle usage has no effect upon them; for they are excessively lazy and stubborn, and being moreover used to harsh treatment, from generation to generation, blows scarce terrify them though ’tis the only way to make them good any thing.

The Bohemians have a great genius for musick; so that there’s no village, be it ever so small, the mass is sung in concert; and they are happy at winding the hunter’s horn.”


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