the truth about vampyres and their ilk

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Leopold von Ranke, The history of Servia, page 46. It has nothing to do with Vlad the Impaler, but is most amusing: imperial bureaucracy making folk tales from the periphery official, and causing panic in the hearth of the empire.

The Austrians were fascinated with spirits that had a taste for young virginal blood, and after Serbia was lost, the story was moved to the “Krapaks” (somewhere in the Tatra mountains) , and playwrights and balet directors had their way with it most unashamedly. By the time Stoker got his turn, the stories about evil dead lusting for the blood of young and inexperienced females were common place, and the Carpathians (Krapak -> Carpat … kinda sounds the same, and were futher away from the enlightened cities of the Empire) were cursed with being the place where it all was supposed to start.

““Curieuse und sehrwunderbare Relation von denen sich neuer Dingen in Servien erzeigenden Blut Saugern oder Vampyrs” 1732.

A small publication which is founded on two official reports of the years 1725 and 1732 forwarded to Belgrade at the time of the Austrian rule in Servia. The last addressed to Prince Charles Alexander of Wurtemberg, at that time Governor of Belgrade, is a very circumstantial account and certified by the signature of a colonel an ensign and three surgeons in the army. As the Prince was staying at Stuttgart it became known in Germany and the people were already afraid that the vampyres might spread there and visit them also. “

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