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The Craftsman, no. 307, May 20, 1732

Extract of a private Letter from Vienna

“We have received certain Advice of a Sort of Prodigy lately discover’d in Hungary, at a Place call’d Heyducken, situate on the other Side of the Tibiscus, or Theis; anmely, of a dead Bodies sucking, as it were, the Blood of the Living; for the latter visiblydry up, while the former are fill’d with Blood. The Fact at first Sight seems to be impossible and even ridiculous; but the following is a true Copy of a Relatin attested by unexceptionable Witnesses, and sent to the Imperial Council of War.

Medreyga in Hungary, Jan. 7, 1732.

“Upon a current Report, that in the Village of Medreyga certain dead Bodies (call’d here Vampyres) had kill’d several Persons, by sucking out all their Blood, the present Enquiry was made by the honourable Commander in Chief; and Capt. Goschutz of the Company of Stallater, the Hadnagi Bariacrar, and the Senior Heyduke of the Village were severally examined; who unanimously declared that about five Years ago a certain Heyduke, named Arnold Paul, was kill’d by the Overturning of a Cart-Load of Hay, who in his Filfe-time was often heard to say, he had been tormented near Caschaw, and upon the Borders of Turkish Servia, by a Vampyre; and that to extricate himself, he had eaten some of the earth of the Vampyre’s Graves, and rubb’d himself with their Blood.

That 20 or 30 Days after the Decease of the said Arnold Paul, several Persons complain’d that They were tormented, and that, in short, he had taken away the Lives of four Persons. In order, therefore, to puta Stop to such a Calamity, the Inhabitants of the Place, after having consulted their Hardagi, caused he Body of the said Arnold Paul to be taken up, 40 Days after he had been dead, and found the same to be fresh and free from all Manner of Corruption; that he bled at the Nose, Mouth and Ears, as pure and florid Blood as ever was seen; and that his Shroud and Winding-Sheet were all over bloody; and lastly his Finger and Toe Nails were fallen off, and new ones grown in their Room.

As They observed from all these Circumstances, that he was a Vampyre, They according to Custom drove a Stake through his Heart; at which he gave a horrid Groan, and lost a gread deal of Blood. Afterwards they burnt his Body to Ashes the same Day, and thrrew them into his Grave.

These good Med say farther, that all such as have been tormented, or kill’d by the Vampyres, become Vampyres when they are dead; and therefore They served several other Bodies as They had done Arnold Paul’s, for tormenting the Living.

Batruer, first Lieutenant fo the Regiment of Alexander.
Flickhenger, Surgeon Major to the Regiment of Furstenburch.
three other Surgeons.
Gurschitz, Captain a Stallath.

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