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The World’s Hightway. From the “Calcutta Review”, March 1856, London: John Weale, 59, High Holborn, 1856, p. 38

“My dear Sir, I wrote you from Paris in haste when I was leaving for Strasbourg. I only cursorily referred to the communication with Prince Callimaki, which was satisfactory, as he interested himself much in it — and is considered to be an able man. He gave me strong letters to Constantinople, advised crossing by a boat bridge, and not thinking of a fixture. Knew the nature and extent of the existing trade between Constantinople and Adrianople, and between Scutari and Isnikmid, fully asured that it would render a line there as a beginning, remunerative; had seen the iron mines worked by Government, about Nessa Sophia, and Philippoli, which yielded good metal, and believed coal was in abundance, extending all along the coast of the Black Sea, from the Danube mouths to the Straits, and projecting far into the Black Sea; considered the Balkan an engineering difficulty by no means insuperable, and the contry between Akserai and Sovea in Asiatic Turkey, killy and uneven– the rest all level, and easily adapted to railway purposes; it had been intended to re-open an old Roman canal which united the Danube with the Black Sea, and saved a detour, but it had not been begun yet. He considered that Turkey was a rich country, which only required such a work as this to show what it contained, and that it hadnever yet had the opportunity of showing of waht it was capable. He took a great deal of trouble, and appeared very confident that if steadily followed up, there can be no doubt of Turkey’s cordial concurrence. He thought that perhaps the Balkan might be avoided, by following the course of the Danube along the canal line, and then skirting the Black Sea to Constantinople. These are, however, questions of detail for the future. He thinks also that it would be necessary for the work to be done bypublic companies with Government support, and not by the Government itself, in an undertaking of this nature.”

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